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Season 1

A satire about a group of gangsters in Los Angeles operating out of a mattress store. Support us on Indiegogo and sign up for the newsletter!

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About Hapa

Hapa is an all new digital series featuring a 100% AAPI cast. The show highlights Asian-American storytelling and focuses on themes of belonging, xenophobia, community, young love, and more.

The show started as a middle finger to Hollywood's idea of AAPI representation, but it has grown to be much bigger than that. The AAPI community has faced so much discrimination and violence in the events of the last 2 years and the community has felt widespread fear and alienation.

Hapa is a show that has the potential to bring us together. Through this series it's our goal to empower the community and finally positively represent AAPI characters in mainstream media. If Hollywood won't do it, we will.

Official Selections

Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival
CineAsian Films
Asian Film Festival Los Angeles
Nassau Film Festival

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